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"In order to get what God has for you, then you must let go of some things from the past and move forward. I know it is easier said than done.  You have encountered some difficult circumstances and your life may not be everything you have longed for it to be.  However, you didn't just emerge on the scene of your life as the awesome person you are today...."

LaTosha Williams has an extensive background in the Public Safety arena with over 12 years in staff development and training.  She is a social media influencer and Founder of the brand, "People Moving Forward, LLC."  She utilizes her vast experience in management and training to conduct keynote speeches, coaching, and seminars helping men build their mental health. 

A King's Mindset :The Revised Edition

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  • This 31 days affirmation journal allows individuals to write down an honest account of how you feel right now, in the moment. It provides you with a scripture and passage that will assist you in getting in alignment with the gift God has given you. 
    This will allow you to focus your attention on what you’re grateful for and the goodness around you.

    Affirm the positives.

    Say your affirmations out loud and manifest your goals. Follow this by writing them down.

    Write down a visualisation.

    It can be your morning routine, a snippet of the day or a future aspiration you’d like to focus on. Visualise in detail – What are you wearing? Where are you? Who else is there? What are you doing? How do you feel? What do you look like? Write it down and then take a moment, ten minutes or so to close your eyes and play it all out in your head.

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