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What' your why?

Your “Why” provides stability and direction in the chaos of life. It makes your grow by giving you the courage and resilience to endure tough challenges. Money is the result of our work, but it's our “why” that fuels our work. Your why is the driving force behind why you want to redesign your lifestyle.

My grandfather George is part of my Why. He's 84 years young and he's best is yet to come.  He has taught me the value in family and knowing my worth in life.  He has this "what is quit" attitude that he live by.  It means that not matter the situation or problem you must face the challenge ahead.  He has taught me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. 

“Just because the sign says toilet and a person can’t read it, doesn’t mean they person don’t know how to use it.”- George Lyles Sr. 

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